Trial of the Under God

The Undergod Chronicle

The Adventurers Log

~Day 1
-Left on a quest to unplug the dam at the order of King Beltohor.
-Interacted with Hilda at the potion shop in Diaga, Ciel left a large sum of gold and a family seal.
– Party engaged a large dwarvish thinger and walked away with an enchanted breast plate which later turned out to be an over glorified one size fits all. Elgor took heavy injury.
-Ashbell interacted with previously unknown mushroom creatures and received some magic seeds while the party engaged some less than intelligent hobgoblins.
– Party engaged a grell without injury.
-Party annihilated a pair of half ogres with electrical death after Ciel took a boulder to the face.
-Grekax was ambushed by shadows, leaving him with weakened muscles and a cursed blade.
-Survived a close encounter with murlocks.
-Grekax found an enchanted mask and a cache of treasure which he keeps hidden from the rest of the party.
-After a short interaction between Ashbell and Grekax a young lady was seen fleeing the scene crying.



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