Trial of the Under God

The Undergod Chronicle
Session 1 Teekee

It is the 15th day of the Time of Flowers,

A few days ago I received a letter from King Belto of the kingdom of Daiga. It promised lavish riches in return to a service to the realm. I have checked the stores in my forest home and I am low on both gold, ale, and provisions. A trip to town is necessary, so I have decided to accept this quest.

Upon meeting the King, I was introduced to five other men and women who are to accompany on our quest.

The first was a young half-elf courtesan named Ashbell, who seemed very intent on seducing each and every male and woman she meets.

The second was a mysterious human man called Elgor, who’s face is seemingly always hidden by his hood. He attempted to rob a shopkeeper in front of most of our party, with myself outside while this happened.

The third is another human male who goes by the name of Ciel who is often silent. I have seen this one fight with much skill using his revolver. I suspect he knows of the arcane but it is somehow fused with his own weapon. I shall need to keep my eye on that one.

The fourth is a massive hulking metal being named Orion, who seems to be controlled by a conscious mind. It seems to be a brave warrior in combat.

Finally our final member of the party is named Grekax. Grekax is a Dragonborn paladin. I don’t trust him. In the short time I’ve known him, he has been arrogant and cold. This one will be a challenge. I’ve been biding my time, seemingly innocent and friendly, waiting for a sign of weakness.

The king gave us a quest to solve the town’s water supply issue, as the source of the city’s water has seemed to dried to barely a trickle. We began our adventure by going to a potion shop to stock up on supplies after we were given free reign of the king’s own storerooms. I’ve replaced my old longbow with a new kind of weapon called a HexTech Rifle. I’m interested in seeing how useful this will be.

Once inside we learned that the town distributed the water based off mostly on wealth. The poor are dying of thirst while the rich seem to hoard whatever remains. After a slight incident of Elgor drawing his sword on the shopkeeper.

After the shop we ventured to the town water supply to see how much was left. What we found was dire, the town had little to no water left, and there were men stationed there taxing people who went to draw water from it. After some questioning we found they were members of a criminal syndicate hired by the king.

After this we decided to venture to the Dam which is the source of the water. I have much trepidation about this. If only i didn’t need these riches so bad, i would forget this quest and avoid this water entirely. Alas I cannot.

We entered a mountain rode which led us to a set of caves. In the first cavern I spied a breastplate leaning up against the wall. Upon removing this breastplate there was a dueregar lying in wait beneath, We were attacked by the dark dwarf and eventually we were able to slay it. But not before it began to grow to over three times it’s usual size.

Upon acquiring the breastplate I discovered it would grow or shrink to fit whoever wears it. I will keep it in hopes of somehow repairing it and turning it for a pretty penny. Next we delved deeper into the caves, stumbling upon a massive toad-like creature which attacked our party. We managed to slay it after I put a shot through both of it’s eyes and leaving it in perilous condition. it seemed to be guarding some large sort of well with a large cover which was removed.

In a small cave behind the lair of the frog we discovered two hobgoblins which refused to listen to reason. We promptly dealt with them. I may add that throughout all of these encounters, our young lady friend has been suspiciously missing. I do not trust her in the slightest.

After this encounter we found the young courtesan sitting outside the cave we had just fought in, and told us she spoke with some living mushroom creatures which informed her we were traveling in the wrong direction. Unwillingly we took their advice and traveled the other way down the cavern.

We were soon ambushed by a terrifying creature called a Grell. This beast looked like a giant brain with tentacles that floats along. We managed to kill it by scaring it with an illusion cast by our bard of a massive dragon.

Upon defeating this foe we encountered two half-ogres, which after some brief negotiations, hurled boulders at us. One struck Ciel, giving him only minor wounds. We quickly dispatched of them and proceeded further into the caverns.

We stumbled upon three mysterious shadows in the next cave, what seemed to have no form owning them. I told Grekax to avoid them, knowing his Dragonborn pride would urge him to attack. As he stepped forward he was attacked on all three sides. I managed to slay one of them, and seriously wounded another. I had to ensure his survival, so his life will be mine for the taking. After foolishly attacking them with his sword, one of the shadows seemingly disappeared. I don’t trust it. It had to have gone somewhere and I suspect it has somehow hidden itself on his person, as he has been acting very oddly of late.

We were then set upon three Kuotar, one of which being some sort of mage. This was one of the most difficult battles of my life, and our party barely managed to survive through no small part of my own doing. I killed two of them including the mage, as they were close to killing our Dragonborn companion. His death will be mine, and no others.

After this we decided to set up camp where I now sit writing in this journal, away from the party. Some interesting developments with Grekax occurred after the battle. Our young bard friend seemed concerned for Grekax after the fight, and wanted to inspect him for any wounds. Grekax absolutely refused and even hinted at violence making me suspect him even more. He disappeared after that which was quite odd, but i was assisting CIel build the fire. Questioning him on his return yielded no answers.

Ashbell just fled the camp in tears moments ago before anyone could stop her. I’m curious to see why.

Grekax Journal Session 1
Trials of the Under God

As I arrived in Diaga’s capital, answering the king’s summons, I was introduced to five other adventurers, all of them proficient at some task or another. To prove our worth, ridiculous that I even have to, my compatriots and I must find the source of a water shortage in the area, which we followed into the Underdark. We have, so far, encountered a dark dwarf which could change its size, a large, seemingly pain-resistant frog, two Hobgoblins and two half-ogres. After defeating those and heading deeper into the Underdark, we encountered shadow-creatures, one of which cursed my blade, another used some dark magic to seep strength from me. After the party disposed of those, we ran into some Murloc creatures which nearly killed us, if not for the halfman. Archemiadieles spoke to me and let me know of the location of a hidden camp, holding an enchanted mask and a huge sum of money, along with trinkets and rings. I did not tell the party of this treasure, and none of them seem very suspicious. I had to use the last of my dragon blood to cure a burn created when some force heated my sword an immense amount.

The Undergod Chronicle
The Adventurers Log

~Day 1
-Left on a quest to unplug the dam at the order of King Beltohor.
-Interacted with Hilda at the potion shop in Diaga, Ciel left a large sum of gold and a family seal.
– Party engaged a large dwarvish thinger and walked away with an enchanted breast plate which later turned out to be an over glorified one size fits all. Elgor took heavy injury.
-Ashbell interacted with previously unknown mushroom creatures and received some magic seeds while the party engaged some less than intelligent hobgoblins.
– Party engaged a grell without injury.
-Party annihilated a pair of half ogres with electrical death after Ciel took a boulder to the face.
-Grekax was ambushed by shadows, leaving him with weakened muscles and a cursed blade.
-Survived a close encounter with murlocks.
-Grekax found an enchanted mask and a cache of treasure which he keeps hidden from the rest of the party.
-After a short interaction between Ashbell and Grekax a young lady was seen fleeing the scene crying.


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