Trial of the Under God

Grekax Journal Session 1

Trials of the Under God

As I arrived in Diaga’s capital, answering the king’s summons, I was introduced to five other adventurers, all of them proficient at some task or another. To prove our worth, ridiculous that I even have to, my compatriots and I must find the source of a water shortage in the area, which we followed into the Underdark. We have, so far, encountered a dark dwarf which could change its size, a large, seemingly pain-resistant frog, two Hobgoblins and two half-ogres. After defeating those and heading deeper into the Underdark, we encountered shadow-creatures, one of which cursed my blade, another used some dark magic to seep strength from me. After the party disposed of those, we ran into some Murloc creatures which nearly killed us, if not for the halfman. Archemiadieles spoke to me and let me know of the location of a hidden camp, holding an enchanted mask and a huge sum of money, along with trinkets and rings. I did not tell the party of this treasure, and none of them seem very suspicious. I had to use the last of my dragon blood to cure a burn created when some force heated my sword an immense amount.



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